Turn your lockdown(and your frown) upside down

Lockdown is a new lifestyle. And I think the whole work from home culture has taken a hard hit on students and tweens. Lockdown was a huge change for every single one of us. And without a guide, we are struggling to find a way to adjust to this and get out of the slump. So for once and for all let’s turn this lockdown upside down! First off we need to understand that this lockdown is now a way of life. This is now your new normal. The sooner you embrace that, the easier things will become. Everyone has … Continue reading Turn your lockdown(and your frown) upside down

How to bring structure to your day Quarantine Dairies

So you made your way through the 6 emotional stages of lockdown  and now you wanna get back upon your feet https://99takeontheworld.wordpress.com/2020/05/19/the-6-emotional-stages-of-lockdown-quarantine-diaries/ Here are a few tips: Sleep schedule  Plan your wake up and sleep times in 90-minute increments every night.Ensuring you have a systematic wake up time gives you control over your day. A day plan Don’t try planning your entire week or month right now. Take it one day at a time A simple template you can use : a.Schedule for the day b.Goals to accomplish C. Assignments due d.Work /study to catch up on Use cues What … Continue reading How to bring structure to your day Quarantine Dairies

The 6 emotional stages of lockdown Quarantine Diaries

If I had to sum up my entire lockdown so far : STAGE 1: MOTIVATED  You are motivated to stay on top of your work, homework, school, projects and online courses while simultaneously accomplishing your goals like meditation,yoga, exercise, books to read etc You are motivated to make the best possible productive use of this time. STAGE 2: DETERMINED You were motivated for 2 weeks or so and then you realized that you tried to do too much and so you begin cutting corners. Is yoga really that important for me to wake up at 6 in the morning? Nah … Continue reading The 6 emotional stages of lockdown Quarantine Diaries


I’m kinda starting to understand why pets try to run out of the house when the front door is open. DAY 19 OF LOCK DOWN  The lockdown has taken a toll on every single one of us.Being told to stay within the four walls of our home for another 20 days doesn’t make it easier. Wherever you are in the world ,since you and I are stuck in the same boat (quite literally) why not start or revive or revisit that list of goals we had. Where are your goals at?  Just because the lockdown confines you to your apartment … Continue reading GOAL SETTING:QUARANTINE DIARIES

A productive day at home ~ Quarantine Diaries.

You obviously can’t spend the rest of the lockdown in your pajamas,binge-watching Netflix and refusing to get out of bed all in the name of social distancing. Now that a lockdown was announced ,you probably ran into your room ,slipped under your covers and propped open your laptop. 5 days in,your hair’s a mess ,you are bored out of your skull,you are already lagging behind on assignments and  you are simply frustrated due to the small space you are confined to. But remember-It’s for your own safety. So here’s how to get out of a productivity slump,stay on top of things … Continue reading A productive day at home ~ Quarantine Diaries.


With the virus scare at an all time high ,work and studies have taken a backseat.Vacations have been preponed and extended ,this means you have a lot of time for yourself, Here are 80 things on my bucket list to beat cabin fever and have fun this summer ! Stargaze Work on your photography skills Start writing   a book  Start a fund  Make a life plan (career,college,house) Wake up and see the sunrise for a week  Get artsy  Try a new hairdo  Give a hand at journaling  Bake  Experiment and make a new drink  Redo your bedroom  Scroll through … Continue reading BEAT CABIN FEVER WITH THIS SUMMER BUCKET LIST 2020:Quarantine Diaries


One small slip up and the killer is found . Or is he? Naomi Hannah has been blind since birth.She has tried to end everything multiple times but has no courage to do so. She stumbles upon a body of a woman who is covered in blood.She senses that she is not alone. She knows that the killer is standing right there. Why was she left alive ?  The small claustrophobic town is on its toes to find who committed this gruesome crime particularly  after the disaster of Haley Miller’s disappearance -20 years ago. It’s a twisted tale of corruption … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW ~ BEFORE HER EYES


Reading time -2 min  It takes just one sentence to change the entire story. .EDEN. Eden is happily married and has a perfect life with Aaron until they decided to start a family.Eden longs to hold the hand of a child. IVF procedures,blood tests and more fertility treatments only leading to a misconception every single time. Eden has seen her life crumble before her eyes ,time and again.She has now turned into an addict who needs her daily fix.She NEEDS to hold a child.She has reached the brink of a psychological disillusion and  possibly losing her mind. .JESSIE. Jessie is … Continue reading WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT BOOK REVIEW


2 MINUTE READ This is a rant.For those of you who are hurting.For those are are frustrated and feel like there is no way out.For those who are on the brink of losing hope.For those whose dreams have been put on hold..For those who are in physical or emotional pain. Here goes Tornadoes translate to chaos and movement.A constant blur of activity.Fast paced and always on the move.Tornadoes like you and I have hectic schedules ,places to be and lists to tick off. But let’s not forget that they are also destructive.So there will come a time when your inner … Continue reading COME BACK STRONGER


READING TIME -1 minute 4 girls .1 game. 5 rules Isa and her 3 best friends from school played the lying game ,convincing others of the most outrageous and repulsive lies ever with a scoring system. 17 years later the 4 girls are forced to meet again in Salten after one text.  I need you. This is not a friendly get together as a body has been found.Kate’s father who was presumed to be missing has now turned up in the Reach. The girls are trapped as the game has caught onto them .They have to get their stories straight … Continue reading THE LYING GAME BOOK REVIEW